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If you are interested in a Link Exchange with our website, please follow the steps below:

♦ Choose any of the two banners html code below and paste it to your website.

♦ After you had inserted the code on your website, PLEASE send us an e-mail to: , with the link of the page, where you have our banner inserted.

♦ After we will get the confirmation of placing our banner to your website, we will add your website banner on the Our Partners section and for two Months, we will add your banner to “Top Ads” section from our main page.

BANNER 468x60px:

 <a href="" target=_"blank">
<img src="" alt="w.w.e.d." style="width:468px;height:60px;border:0;"></a> 


BANNER 470x96px:

<a href="" target=_"blank">
<img src="" alt="w.w.e.d." style="width:470px;height:96px;border:0;"></a>

Banner 200x300px:

<a href="" target=_"blank">
  <img src="" alt="w.w.e.d." style="width:200px;height:300px;border:0;">

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